Installing and Configuring AdminStudio

This is a Work in progress - once complete this notice will be removed

Purpose of this AdminStudio Setup Guide

This AdminStudio guide provides a best practices approach to installing and configuring AdminStudio ensuring enterprise wide packaging consistency.

The following sections concentrate on getting AdminStudio setup in shared infrastructure correctly as it can be a real pain to restructure once packages have been imported into the catalog and a project is rolling.

There are huge benefits to configuring AdminStudio in a shared way even if you only have a small packaging team, the benefits if not obvious will become clearer as we work through the guide.

The following assumptions have been made:

  • You are logged on with Administrative Rights
  • The .NET Framework 2.0 is installed
  • AdminStudio Share has been created on file server \\Server\Adminstudio
  • Packages Share has been created on file server \\Server\Packages
  • Your workstation greatly exceeds the recommended system requirements

Click on the following link to start the AdminStudio Installation or use the menu at top to navigate way through the setup guide.