Installing and Configuring AdminStudio

This is a Work in progress - once complete this notice will be removed

Create Application Catalog

The following screens walk you through creating the AdminStudio Application Catalog, you will need permission to create a new database.

Launch the AdminStudio, the following dialog will be displayed.
(The following example is for MS SQL)

AdminStudio Setup Dialog 12

Select Create a new Application Catalog
Click OK

AdminStudio Setup Dialog 13

Click Next >

AdminStudio Setup Dialog 14

Using the Provider menu select SQL Server

Select the server the Catalog is to be hosted on and the Authentication method

Enter the Catlog Name and Click Next >

AdminStudio Setup Dialog 15

Select Enable Software Repository

Enter the UNC path to AdminStudio share and then enter a folder name for the repository, the wizard will create this folder if it does not exist.

Enter the login ID and password for the proxy account.

Click Next >

The wizard will run the SQL scripts to create the Catalog

AdminStudio Setup Dialog 16

Click Finish

AdminStudio Setup Dialog 17

Subsequent installs will have the above settings automatically configured when the connect to the AdminStudio Share

We can finish off by adding some rules to the Conflict Solver