Installing and Configuring AdminStudio

Template Setup

AdminStudio should be running from the previous page, if its not skip the screen below and open the Editor - InstallShield 2009

AdminStudio Setup Dialog 17

Click Tools tab and double click on Editor

AdminStudio Template Dialog 1

Enter your template name in the Project Name field as well as the UNC path to the shared AdminStudio folder in the Location field

Click OK

AdminStudio Template Dialog 2

Add all the settings to the templates that your standards require, In the screen below the Summary Information Stream properties are set

AdminStudio Template Dialog 3

It makes good sense to follow the Summary Information Stream standards for Installation Packages

AdminStudio Template Dialog 4

In the screen below some common Properties are set

AdminStudio Template Dialog 5

It makes good sense to pre-set all properties that are used frequently or are set within your packaging standards.

AdminStudio Template Dialog 6

A few examples.

AdminStudio Template Dialog 7

From the File menu select Save..

This will save out the file as an ISM file in the AdminStudio Shared folder.

From the File menu select Save As..

Select InstallShield Template (*.ist)

Click Save

The Template will have been saved out to the AdminStudio shared folder

AdminStudio Template Dialog 10

The Template will now be available when a New Project is started from the All Types tab

To complete the AdminStudio configuration some options can be set